Windsor Chamber Of Commerce Annual Event 2017

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

The Windsor Chamber of Commerce requested a powerful motivational keynote from me to close their annual dinner that brings businesses and town representatives to celebrate members of their community.

The event organizer, Michal Connors, planned the theme to be “Taking on the World: Living Your Bucket List Life” . He wanted an impactful presentation to help the attendees create new experiences, achieve their dreams, and build a stronger community where everyone can live more fulfilled.

We focused on the power of saying “YES” and letting the how figure itself out because it is the key to unlocking everything we want in life. We finished off the night with the importance of helping those around us and how it will is able to change our own lives in the process.

It was a pleasure to speak in such a unique location as the Big Red Barn and to share my message with an incredible group of people who are doing great things for their community!


Well, the whole idea of the bucket list, and living in the moment, and living for today … then also giving back to others. It was just really powerful, the whole concept. The whole presentation was just really powerful and everybody enjoyed it. I would absolutely recommend him any time. Love to see him again in the future.
Jim Bowman

President, Windsor Chamber of Commerce

We brought in Kenyon Salo today to do his presentation on a bucket list life. The presentation was great. It seems like everybody in the room really interacted and had a great time. The noise level got really high whenever we were supposed to be interacting, so I think everybody met a lot of new people and had a lot of great interaction.

I had told Kenyon he has to make everybody laugh and he has to make everybody cry, and I think he achieved that today. All I’ve gotten is positive feedback after the event today … from anybody looking for a speaker for their event, either conference or a dinner or anything.

I think Kenyon did a great job, got the audience involved really well. You can’t go wrong by using Kenyon again, I think.

Michal Connors

Executive Director, Windsor Chamber of Commerce

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