CBS This Morning Interviews The Denver Broncos Skydive Team

Published Nov 20, 2017: “The four-person parachute team known as Thunderstorm gets fans excited ahead of every home game. Their aerial acrobatics have made them one of the most exciting pre-game rituals in professional sports – and the only one of its kind in the NFL.” – Read More >>

Fusion Conference Brings Ideas And People Together

Published Nov 10, 2017: “One by one they started booking the speakers, starting with the keynote and emcee of the event, Kenyon Salo. Salo considers himself the James Bond of speakers and is one of the skydivers that jumps onto the football field during home games for the Denver Broncos.” – Read More >>

Nailing “The Most Technical Demo Jump In Skydiving”

Published Sept 9, 2016: “To do what Kenyon and his team do on game day, you have to have quite a resume: you have to be a competition-level swooper, you have to be able to speak eloquently to the media, and you have to land a tiny parachute in wicked conditions. Perfectly. Every. Single. Time.” – Read More >>

Meet The DECA AMPED Closing Keynote Speaker: Kenyon Salo

Published June 2, 2016: “DECA Inc. is pleased to announce the 2016 DECA AMPED closing keynote speaker, Kenyon Salo.” – Read More >>


This Is What Happened When A Man Asked Homeless People For A Dollar

Published June 3, 2015: “When Kenyon Salo walked through the town of Boulder, Colorado, asking homeless people for a dollar, he was surprised to find that almost all of them produced a bill and handed it over with no questions asked.” – Read More >>

Boy Faces His Fear Of Heights Head On

Published Nov 7, 2014: “The Bucket List Life recently helped a boy named P.J. fight his fear of heights. The crew first had P.J. climb an indoor rock wall and then he slid down a slack line. His third step was going into an indoor skydiving facility and then he finally went for a helicopter ride.” – Watch Right This Minute’s Coverage Story >>

Boulder Adventurer Helps Others Mark Off Their Bucket Lists

Published Sept 26, 2014: “She was not expecting that three hours later, she would be strapped to a complete stranger who would catapult her out of a plane, 12,500 feet above the ground. Baker’s day changed when Boulder resident Kenyon Salo approached her and her parents on Pearl Street around 11 a.m.” – Read More >>

The Bucket List Life Goes Skydiving

Published Sept 25, 2014: “Colorado skydiver Kenyon Salo, founder of the Bucket List Life embarked on a mission in Boulder, Colorado to find someone – anyone – who had skydiving on their bucket list, and was willing to go tick that item off RIGHT NOW by doing a tandem with him. The theory is that people don’t make progress on the bucket list due to time or money constraints. By removing those two road blocks, would people go for it?” – Read More >>

Superheroes Rappel At Children’s Hospital And Visit Kids

Published Aug 15, 2014: “It’s not every day a superhero appears at your window unannounced – so these sick children got quite a shock when a gang of caped visitors began scaling the walls of their hospital.” – Read More >>

SWAT Superheroes Rappel Down Children’s Hospital

Published Aug 14, 2014: – Watch The Full Video >>

Superheroes Rappel At Children’s Hospital

Published Aug 14, 2014: “Several superheroes took some time off from battling crime Thursday to make a surprise appearance at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.” – Read More >>

Kenyon Salo, Might As Well Jump

Published Nov 11, 2016: Welcome to Episode Seven of FUN! Does jumping out of an Airplane sound like fun to you? For some who are carpeing all the diem’s, it is and makes them truly feel alive and today’s guest on FUN is one of those guys. He is an amazing individual. A very motivational, inspirational and truly knows how to carpe the heck out of those diems. – Listen To Full Podcast >>


The Power And Magic Of A YES Story!

Published October, 2016: Unleash your personal and financial power when you immediately say, “Yes!” to everything you strongly desire – even when you have no idea how you will get it, or how you can do it. That’s how Kenyon Salo rolls. He’s a man of action who takes big risks. He keeps his cool in the face of danger. He dresses to kill. He’s earned the title, “The James Bond of Keynote Speakers.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

How To AirBnb A Six-Figure Income

Published July 29, 2015: As the leader of The Bucket List Life, Kenyon helps people fulfill items on their bucket list. He’s also active in extreme sports like skydiving, BASE jumping and rock climbing. All of those activities take him around the globe so he came up with the brilliant idea to rent out his home while he was away. – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Kenyon Salo: The Founder Of “The Bucket List Life” Teaches Us How To Change The World!

Published May 6, 2015: “Kenyon Salo founder of the Bucket List Life has over 4500 skydives and 350+ base jumps, but this doesn’t even come close to the message that he brings to the world. This will change how you do what you do every single day!” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Kenyon Slao On The Awesomeness Show

Published May 6, 2015: “Kenyon Salo founder of the Bucket List Life has over 4500 skydives and 350+ base jumps, but this doesn’t even come close to the message that he brings to the world. This will change how you do what you do every single day!” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

How To Live An Amazing Life

Published April 12, 2015: “Let’s face it: most folks live a completely mediocre life. Not Kenyon Salo. He believes everyone should get everything they want out of life and has created a company to help them do it. On this episode of the How to Quit Working Show, Kenyon explains how to live an amazing life.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Year Of YES! Radio With Tracee Sioux, Guest Kenyon Salo, The Bucket List Life

Published March 5, 2015: “Tracee discusses turning a Bucket List into a Lifestyle with Kenyon Salo, founder and visionary of The Bucket List Life. Kenyon explains how sharing experiences with others is really what makes us want to do the things we want to do.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Kenyon Salo On Living Your Bucket List Life

Published Feb 16, 2015: “Kenyon Salo – Founder of The Bucket List Life has a deep desire to help others share in life’s experiences. Get ready for a fast action, high flying and informationally podcast on how to create more, share more and live more!” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

The Secret Sauce To Happiness With Kenyon Salo

Published Jan 24, 2015: “Everything Kenyon shared on the podcast inspired me. Not just during my time with him, but for hours and days on end. It made me want to be better, to inspire more, to serve more. ” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

How To Check Things Off Your Bucket List With Kenyon Salo

Published Sept 5, 2014: “If I say the words “bucket list life”, what comes to mind? Do you think about the things you want to check off your bucket list? Do you think about how your solopreneur journey is going to help you check those things off or do you just start daydreaming about what your next adventure is?” – Listen To Full Podcast >>