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NBA Championship Trophy Skydives Into Denver

The Larry O’Brien Trophy was harnessed to a professional skydiver and flanked by two skydivers wearing Nuggets and Heat jerseys.

The trophy made a safe landing outside Empower Field at Mile High where it was greeted by Malika Andrews of ESPN.

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Public Speaking Secrets Podcast

Kenyon Salo on Skydiving into Denver Broncos Stadium, Millions of TikTok Views, and Inspiring Thousands From The Stage

“The one and only Kenyon Salo drops by for a chat about what it’s like to skydive into the Denver Broncos stadium, how he amassed almost a million TikTok followers (@kenyonsalo) and how he has honed the craft of inspirational public speaking as The James Bond of Personal Development.”

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The Hottest Event Keynote Speakers

Kenyon Salo was recently featured as one of the Top Keynote Speakers, by ITA Group, in the category for “Leave Feeling: Energized”.

Public Speaking Secrets Podcast

Public Speaking Secrets: How To Be Memorable with Kenyon Salo

“Getting onto a stage is one thing. Being memorable and impactful is a completely different kettle of fish. In todays episode Kenyon Salo talks about his transition from starting out as a speaker to doing what he loves (both on and off stage) full time.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Fear Focus Freedom Podcast with Andrew Fraser

Fear Focus Freedom: Saying “Yes” to Adventure with Kenyon Salo

Kenyon’s motto is pretty simple: Say yes, and the how will figure itself out later. This affirmative approach to adventure has led him from humble beginnings to an extraordinary life in which skydiving into packed football stadiums and speaking on stages in front of thousands of people are regular routines in his workweek, punctuated by global expeditions, BASE jumping bridges and scuba diving shipwrecks just for kicks. We discuss the entrepreneur’s path, the value of personal development and how to overcome critics when building the life of your dreams.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>


Skydiving Into The 1940’s World War II-Era Ball

Kenyon Salo and his friend, Gary Mancuso, fly into the 1940’s World War II-Era Ball in Boulder, CO – Continue Reading >>

Executive Athletes

Episode #74 Kenyon Salo – Professional Sky Diver

Join Ken Lubin and Kenyon Salo on episode 74 of the Executive Athletes podcast. – Listen To Full Podcast >>

CAL Entertainment

CAL Entertainment Signs Kenyon Salo As Their Newest Exclusive Speaker

Chris Lee, president of CAL Entertainment has recently brought on Kenyon Salo as their newest exclusive partner. Check out Kenyon’s listing on their site here:  View Kenyon Salo’s Profile >>

Voyage Denver

Voyage Denver – Meet Kenyon Salo

“Throughout my entire life, I have been doing one thing through and through. I have been saying ‘Yes’ to as many experiences as possible and ultimately saying ‘Yes To Life’. – Read Full Interview >>

World of Speakers Ep. 53 Your Message Is Your Platform

World Of Speakers Ep. 53: Your Message Is Your Platform

Your message is your platform. Ryan Foland speaks with Salo… Kenyon Salo (aka. The James Bond of speaking). Kenyon is a high-voltage speaker who takes audience engagement to the next level. His years of experience as one of the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydiving Team gives him a unique perspective on living life to the fullest. Ryan and Kenyon talk about how speakers can set themselves apart from the crowd by looking for opportunities to do things differently and channel their inner confidence to deeply engage their audiences.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

The Virginian Pilot

Students Encouraged To Spread Love Throughout Community

“Giving is an act from the heart and a true sign of love. It’s scary for many people to feel that part of themselves, and that’s why it’s a risk,” said Salo. “So, I want to challenge the kids to take that risk, feel their hearts and look to giving and helping others in their community.”” – Continue Reading >>

Unbreakable Success Ep. 58 How To Live The Ultimate Bucket List Life

Ultimate Success Ep. 58: How To Live The Ultimate Bucket List Life

“Discover how to live the ultimate bucket list lifestyle with the “James Bond” of the motivational public speaking world, our new friend Kenyon Salo.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

The Grable Group

7 Top Corporate Speakers Showcase How They Can Inspire Your Audience

“Kenyon has been dubbed the “James Bond of Motivational Speaking,” and he lives more than up to that name.” – Continue Reading >>

Impact Founder Ep 40

Impact Founder Ep. 40: Boulder Startup Week

“Confessional stories of entrepreneurs in the trenches sharing their successes, challenges and their best advice to our listeners. Tune in for real, GRITTY stories told by founders themselves. Impact Founder is a media company, debunking the myth that entrepreneurship is sexy or easy. We tell the real stories of entrepreneurs so you don’t fee alone in your experience as a founder.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

WSBI Your Resource For Success Podcast

WSBI Your Resource For Success Podcast

Published Nov 29, 2018: “Special edition podcast show with Host Kimberly McLemore and Special Guests Francine Payne, Founder of “I am Not Broken Yet” and Kenyon Salo, Founder of Kenyon Salo, Inc.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Your Living Brand Podcast

Your Living Brand Podcast

Published Aug 29, 2018: “Kenyon Salo is many things. He is a speaker, a speaker’s coach, a motivator, a storyteller and part of the Denver Bronco’s skydiving team. Kenyon lives life to the fullest and motivates others to live their life with purpose and passion. I know you will enjoy this episode, I loved having him as a guest.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

The Solopreneur Hour Ep. 729

The Solopreneur Hour Ep. 729: The Nuts & Bolts Of Successful Public Speaking

“Kenyon Salo joins us today to talk about how we began our public speaking career, and what it’s like to pay attention to the technical side of speaking. Public speaking is a learned behavior as much as an art form, and we dig deep into some of the tips and tricks of building a great performance and engaging the audience. A must listen if you’re ever planning on doing a workshop, a keynote, etc…” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Live The Fuel Podcast Episode 200 with Kenyon Salo

LiveTheFuel Ep. 200: Kenyon Salo’s Bucket List Life

“Bucket List FUEL is powerful, especially from Kenyon Salo. This is a special 200th Podcast episode with one of my inspiration influencers who helped me create and build LIVETHEFUEL! Kenyon has dedicated himself to living life to the fullest and helping others do the same. Through his passions for adventure, storytelling, and connecting with people, he found a simple process that he shares with people on stage. He guides us on a path to what most of us crave – living a more fulfilled life.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Team With Crockett And Stout Live

Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Discuss Backstory, “Jump For Valor” Event

“The Denver Broncos Thunderstorm, the official Denver broncos parachute team, joined Crockett & Stout live in studio to discuss their backstory, how they got connected with the Broncos, their upcoming “Jump For Valor” event, and more.” – Listen To The Full Show >>
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Leaders of Transformation

Leaders Of Transformation Ep. 180: 3 Simple Ways To Live Your Bucket List Life Now

“In our conversation with Kenyon, he shares this process with us through his passion for adventure, storytelling and connecting with people, and illustrates just how amazing life can be when you embrace the possibilities and invite others to join you on the journey. From Kenyon’s view, life is so much more than material things; it’s about experiences, meaningful relationships and making a difference wherever you are.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Speaker Match Internet Radio

Your Roadmap To Five Figure Speaking Gigs

“How Kenyon went from $500 for his first paid engagement to commanding well over $10k per engagement in less than a year and how you can do it too! Learn how to maximize your yearly speaking income by choosing quality over quantity in your events. Get paid more and travel less. In this teleseminar Kenyon will walk you through exactly how he made such a significant speaking fee jump in less than one year.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Denver Life Magazine

Want To Live A Dream?

“My whole life has been about experiences,” Ken-yon Salo says. “Professional snowboarding. Skydiving. Traveling. Base jumping. Flying wingsuits. Even as a kid, I was always willing to try something new. And from the beginning, I always wanted to share the experience with others: ‘I just jumped my bike—you can do it, too! I just jumped off this train bridge into the river below—now you try it!” – Read More >>

CBS This Morning

CBS This Morning Interviews The Denver Broncos Skydive Team

“The four-person parachute team known as Thunderstorm gets fans excited ahead of every home game. Their aerial acrobatics have made them one of the most exciting pre-game rituals in professional sports – and the only one of its kind in the NFL.” – Read More >>

Bowman County Pioneer

Fusion Conference Brings Ideas And People Together

“One by one they started booking the speakers, starting with the keynote and emcee of the event, Kenyon Salo. Salo considers himself the James Bond of speakers and is one of the skydivers that jumps onto the football field during home games for the Denver Broncos.” – Read More >>

Greeley Tribune

Community Members Honored At Windsor Chamber Of Commerce Annual Event

“The theme for this year’s event was “Taking on the World: Living Your Bucket List Life.” Kenyon Salo, the keynote speaker for the event, talked to the rapt crowd after awards were given to residents and a town department Connors said are truly taking on the world.” – Read More >>

Inc Magazine

The 3 Things You Need To Live A Bucket List Life

“Nobody can accuse Kenyon ​Salo of being asleep at the wheel of life. A motivational speaker, Kenyon has made over 5,000 skydives and 400 base jumps. As one of the six members of the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team, he flies into Sports Authority Field at over 60 mph at each home game, landing on his toes on the ten-yard line. He’s been to a lot of Broncos games but he’s never once had to come in through the gate.” – Read More >>



Nailing “The Most Technical Demo Jump In Skydiving”

“To do what Kenyon and his team do on game day, you have to have quite a resume: you have to be a competition-level swooper, you have to be able to speak eloquently to the media, and you have to land a tiny parachute in wicked conditions. Perfectly. Every. Single. Time.” – Read More >>

DECA Direct

Meet The DECA AMPED Closing Keynote Speaker: Kenyon Salo

“DECA Inc. is pleased to announce the 2016 DECA AMPED closing keynote speaker, Kenyon Salo.” – Read More >>


This Is What Happened When A Man Asked Homeless People For A Dollar

“When Kenyon Salo walked through the town of Boulder, Colorado, asking homeless people for a dollar, he was surprised to find that almost all of them produced a bill and handed it over with no questions asked.” – Read More >>

Right This Minute - The Viral Videos Show

Boy Faces His Fear Of Heights Head On

“The Bucket List Life recently helped a boy named P.J. fight his fear of heights. The crew first had P.J. climb an indoor rock wall and then he slid down a slack line. His third step was going into an indoor skydiving facility and then he finally went for a helicopter ride.” – Watch Right This Minute’s Coverage Story >>

Times Call

Boulder Adventurer Helps Others Mark Off Their Bucket Lists

“She was not expecting that three hours later, she would be strapped to a complete stranger who would catapult her out of a plane, 12,500 feet above the ground. Baker’s day changed when Boulder resident Kenyon Salo approached her and her parents on Pearl Street around 11 a.m.” – Read More >>

Blue Skies Mag

The Bucket List Life Goes Skydiving

“Colorado skydiver Kenyon Salo, founder of the Bucket List Life embarked on a mission in Boulder, Colorado to find someone – anyone – who had skydiving on their bucket list, and was willing to go tick that item off RIGHT NOW by doing a tandem with him. The theory is that people don’t make progress on the bucket list due to time or money constraints. By removing those two road blocks, would people go for it?” – Read More >>

Daily Mail

Superheroes Rappel At Children’s Hospital And Visit Kids

“It’s not every day a superhero appears at your window unannounced – so these sick children got quite a shock when a gang of caped visitors began scaling the walls of their hospital.” – Read More >>

9 News

SWAT Superheroes Rappel Down Children’s Hospital

Watch The Full Video >>

ABC 7 News Denver

Superheroes Rappel At Children’s Hospital

“Several superheroes took some time off from battling crime Thursday to make a surprise appearance at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.” – Read More >>

Fun With Joel Comm

Kenyon Salo, Might As Well Jump

Welcome to Episode Seven of FUN! Does jumping out of an Airplane sound like fun to you? For some who are carpeing all the diem’s, it is and makes them truly feel alive and today’s guest on FUN is one of those guys. He is an amazing individual. A very motivational, inspirational and truly knows how to carpe the heck out of those diems. – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Change Your Story Change Your Life

The Power And Magic Of A YES Story!

Unleash your personal and financial power when you immediately say, “Yes!” to everything you strongly desire – even when you have no idea how you will get it, or how you can do it. That’s how Kenyon Salo rolls. He’s a man of action who takes big risks. He keeps his cool in the face of danger. He dresses to kill. He’s earned the title, “The James Bond of Keynote Speakers.” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Evolve With Emily

Kenyon Salo: The Founder Of “The Bucket List Life” Teaches Us How To Change The World!

“Kenyon Salo founder of the Bucket List Life has over 4500 skydives and 350+ base jumps, but this doesn’t even come close to the message that he brings to the world. This will change how you do what you do every single day!” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

The Awesomeness Show

Kenyon Salo On The Awesomeness Show

“Kenyon Salo founder of the Bucket List Life has over 4500 skydives and 350+ base jumps, but this doesn’t even come close to the message that he brings to the world. This will change how you do what you do every single day!” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Year Of Purpose Podcast

Kenyon Salo On Living Your Bucket List Life

“Kenyon Salo – Founder of The Bucket List Life has a deep desire to help others share in life’s experiences. Get ready for a fast action, high flying and informationally podcast on how to create more, share more and live more!” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

Dare To Be You Pocast

The Secret Sauce To Happiness With Kenyon Salo

“Everything Kenyon shared on the podcast inspired me. Not just during my time with him, but for hours and days on end. It made me want to be better, to inspire more, to serve more. ” – Listen To Full Podcast >>

The Solopreneur Hour

How To check Things Off Your Bucket List With Kenyon Salo

“If I say the words “bucket list life”, what comes to mind? Do you think about the things you want to check off your bucket list? Do you think about how your solopreneur journey is going to help you check those things off or do you just start daydreaming about what your next adventure is?” – Listen To Full Podcast >>