You know, for me as a person who planned the event, it’s about seeing the impact that his message has on others. I heard “I had tears in my eyes” so many times from my participants, or they laughed so hard – Again, it’s all about the others and seeing the impact that it has on the others, and I think that’s most meaningful.

Ann Reich

Sr. Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, North Dakota Bankers Association

He delivered exactly what he said he was going to do and he was so easy to work with. I just didn’t have any issues. Our event had some things that we needed to adjust with schedules – he was just always professional and did everything that I needed him to do. I absolutely would recommend him.

Diana Nelson

Member Relationship Manager, KFSA Insurance Agency

He came highly recommended. We watched some things that he did at other events like we were having tonight and were inspired ourselves, so we wanted to bring it to everyone that we work with here. It was the best! We love him!

Tricia Thompson

On Premise Manager, Moët Hennessy

We got Kenyon Salo here to emcee and keynote for the day. We wanted somebody that could really tie it all together and bring lots of energy and excitement. Kenyon has been dynamite, not only in the planning process, but he is very much here to help us through the process, ready to make sure that your event is up and ready, and going, and exactly what you want it to be. I would definitely recommend him.

Laura Weber

Business Assistant, Bowman County Development Corporation

I had told Kenyon he has to make everybody laugh and he has to make everybody cry, and I think he achieved that today. All I’ve gotten is positive feedback after the event today.

Michal Connors

Executive Director, Windsor Chamber of Commerce