Subex User Conference 2018 Recap

Dec 16, 2018 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

Great companies believe in creating phenomenal experiences for their customers which is why I was so excited to work with Subex when I heard about the world-class event they were organizing for their users at the palatial Grand Excelsior Hotel in the beautiful city of Valletta, Malta. It was inspiring to witness how much the leadership at Subex values those who they do business with and it was an honor to kick off such an amazing event as the opening keynote!

The theme of this year’s conference was “Reimagining Business” and Subex clearly demonstrated their commitment to this concept by breaking outside of their comfort zone of starting their revolutionary technology event with a session from a futurist and taking a chance to bring me on board. Ramya and Rohit told me that they wanted me to energize their delegates in a way that will set the tone for the rest of their experience in Malta and to help their audience connect better with one another. As with every event, my number one goal is to far exceed the expectations of what the organizers hired me to do and I was confident I could make this happen for them.

Given the history of the event’s past speakers, I was unsure how the audience might initially respond to my session but as soon as I got on stage, all of my apprehensions faded away. No matter where I go, no matter who I speak to, people are more or less the same: everyone loves to connect with new people, laugh, and grow as human beings. Ramya later told me that this was the first time she saw every single delegate participating which was so awesome to hear.  We’re all connected through our humanity and I believe this perfectly ties into the sub-theme of “Reimagining Customers.”

With the advent of new technologies, we are more connected than ever and we’ve never been more accessible to our customers. It’s important to remember that the people we serve have dreams, aspirations, and fears just like anyone else. When we remember to connect with one another on a deeper level through sharing stories and truly helping others, our businesses grow and our hearts are left more fulfilled. After speaking with Subex’s CEO, Vinod Kumar, at the event the night prior and learning that his personal desire is to build something that will impact the greater good of India, especially those that lack equal access to resources and opportunities, I understood why Subex was such a great company. I will never forget the outstanding experience I got to share with everyone at the 2018 User Conference and I’m sure all of the attendees feel the same way.

As always, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my message all around the world and to meet amazing people such as the incredible team at Subex and all of its wonderful partners and customers.


We were looking for somebody who brings in a really alternate way of thinking, to help us get out of our technology cocoons and look at life differently. We looked at number of people from other inspirational speech givers to philosophers to historians but when we saw Kenyon online, we said, “That is ENERGY.” It was that energy and positive vibe we were looking for and we said, “This has to be the person this year of Malta.” What we wanted to do is really experience the kind of things Kenyon has been doing – to learn from him, identify how to lead a better life, and how to lead a fulfilled life. He was spot on and these are the kind of experiences we really want to give to our customers. It was fabulous. He got us all energized, excited, shouting, hooting. We always have this keynote as the first thing because it helps us set the tempo and the agenda for the rest of the two days and his energy really helped kick off the conference. I would absolutely recommend Kenyon to other events without hesitation. He was awesome! In fact, I’m wondering if we should have Kenyon every year to our user conferences.
Rohit Maheshwari

Head of Strategy and Products, Subex

I was actually looking for a motivational keynote speaker from almost two months before the event date, and I couldn’t find any profiles that were matching my expectations. What we wanted was someone with a lot of energy, who can transfer that energy to our delegates and get them involved in the conference. We wanted to celebrate life, celebrate relationships, and Kenyon Salo was was a perfect fit for that particular theme that we had. I think the best part about Kenyon is his absolute energy. The way he interacted with the speakers or the delegates, he was able to energize and engage everyone.This is the first time I’ve seen every single one of my delegates involved in the keynote session. Kenyon was awesome. I can’t find any other word for Kenyon’s presentation. We usually don’t allot 75 minutes for any keynote speaker, and when Kenyon asked me for that, I asked, “Do you really need 75 minutes?” It’s very difficult for me to schedule that in the agenda because I know for sure that my delegate’s are going to get bored if we have a 75 minute session with one speaker, but as I was looking around at all my delegates, they just had smiles on their faces and they were enjoying the session. I didn’t even realize that 75 minutes had passed when it was over. He is absolutely amazing. We definitely recommend Kenyon! If you’re trying to create an experience at your event, you must have Kenyon at your event there! Fantastic speaker, Mr. Kenyon Salo – the James Bond of speaking.
Ramya Raj

Associate Director of Marketing, Subex

Kenyon Salo spoke this morning as our keynote speaker. He was very dynamic and a very energetic speaker. It was a good way to start off the session. Kenyon with his whole bucket list topic got us really thinking outside the box and to not procrastinate – he gave us 12 months to reimagine our bucket list items and, as a business, Subex needs to think about that because there’s so much competition and things are changing so rapidly that we have a window of opportunity which is what we’re aiming for. I would absolutely recommend Kenyon.
Mark Bourgoin

Vice President of Americas, Subex

We got this brilliant speaker named Kenyon Salo for our opening keynote. He really came in here and infused the audience with a ton of energy and you can feel it. It’s palpable in the room.  He really broke down the walls. People were talking to each other, they were buzzing. It was fun. He tied our theme into his into his own presentation so it had a very seamless flow and I think  the audience enjoyed it. I know I certainly did. It’s about the human element. It’s about not forgetting to live a little, even though you might be in business, you might be doing something privately, it doesn’t matter. You got to live a little or it’s not worth anything. That’s a good message and I think it resonated with everyone. I certainly recommend Kenyon to other events. His keynote should be on the first day so that he can infuse that energy into the audience and bring out that enthusiasm.
Ashwin Menon

Product Director, Subex

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