Tailored Keynote Messaging For SHRM Events

The Bucket List Life Keynote is built off the three core principles that have helped Kenyon design a fulfilling life of travel, adventures, meaningful interactions, and achieving his dreams…

Create more. Share more. Live more.

The entire presentation is structured around these three simple steps that anyone can do to set them on a path to accomplish what they desire in life, both personally and professionally.

Kenyon has presented for several SHRM events which has allowed him to fine tune his messaging to connect with and impact your audience members.

Ultimately, when you work in a profession like HR that is centered around helping people thrive inside of your organization, more often than not, you’re putting the needs of others above your own. With this tremendous desire to serve, the hours can be long and demanding. It can become easy to put your own needs second and lose sight of why you do what you do. This is a path to burnout and unfulfillment. Kenyon’s keynote is an opportunity to reenergize, connect with others, laugh a lot, and learn three simple principles to get more out of life.

He drives home the importance of saying “yes” to dreams as well as creating phenomenal experiences for those we serve.

Kenyon unpacks the power of sharing stories to strengthen and deepen relationships, not only with coworkers, but also with our friends and families.

Finally, he shares how to live a more fulfilled life by helping others first without the expectation of return.

Kenyon’s Bucket List Life keynote has been very well-received by audiences comprised of Human Resources professionals and is a great presentation if you’re looking to either open or close an event with a lot of energy and motivation/inspiration.

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Ann Reich

Our closing keynote was Kenyon Salo. Kenyon has the most energy that anybody can have for a closing keynote. He had everybody pumped up. The entire audience was pumped. I was inspired to pick Kenyon because of his videos and his message – helping other people, sharing stories with others, looking at that bucket list, and making sure that you’re making a difference in everybody’s lives. 

Kenyon’s presentation was awesome and his energy was amazing. No one could take their eyes off of him. There were no people on their phones or computers during Kenyon’s presentation which was awesome. I would highly recommend Kenyon to any other event. His energy is just amazing.

Jan D.

State Conference Director, Iowa SHRM

Tricia Thompson

We brought in Kenyon to lead a four hour workshop for our Business Leadership conference and his presentation was outgoing, fun, energetic and really got down to the core of helping people figure out what they need to need to know about themselves, both personally and professionally. He kept our group extremely engaged and the time flew by. It didn’t matter whether our attendees worked in Agriculture, Finance, or Higher Education, his message resonated with everyone. There were some tears, but there was also a lot of laughter. We had a fabulous time. I would absolutely recommend Kenyon to other events!

Sara K.

Board Member, SHRM of SWKS

Kenyon spoke at our conference and he was amazing. He came in with this energy that lit up the room. On top of that, he was so funny and he really allowed us to dig deep into ourselves so that we can apply these principles that he gave us to not only our personal lives, but to our professional lives as well, so that we can help be better human beings for other people. There were a lot of joyful moments during his presentation but there were also a lot of sentimental ones as well. People were laughing a lot and there were even some tears. I was definitely getting choked up at times. If you would’ve told me that our session with Kenyon was four hours, I would’ve said that you’re lying because I didn’t look at my phone once. The time really flew by and he kept us engaged the entire time! I think we needed Kenyon’s presentation this morning and I’m ready to go back to my house and to my job to apply what he taught us today and hopefully live a more authentic and genuine lifestyle. I would 100% recommend Kenyon to other events. He’s phenomenal! Everyone can benefit from what Kenyon speaks about.

Alexis S.

Member, SHRM of SWKS

Michal Connors

* If you received this link via a bureau or agency, please reach out to them for more booking info