RMA Annual Conference 2018 Recap

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

I recently had the opportunity to share some Mile High Motivation in the Mile High City through my keynote speech at the Rocky Mountain APPA Annual Conference.

RMA’s business partners and member organizations come from all over the Rocky Mountain region, so this conference is an important chance for everybody to network with each other, share ideas, and make connections. But getting the ball rolling on that can be difficult, especially when you’re getting started early in the morning and nobody has had a chance to loosen up socially yet.

I was excited by the challenge, and I brought a ton of energy up on stage to really wow the crowd and help everybody to start having some fun. Laughter is the greatest way to get people to open up and engage, and we had a ton of positive energy in the room in no time. That led to strong partner shares and group shares, helping the audience get into a team mindset for the rest of the day.

My favorite thing to do as an inspirational speaker is to bring people together. Anytime I can break down walls and help the audience to connect, it provides the ultimate feeling of fulfillment. Moreover, making those connections with peers in your industry is a key part of professional development, just as personal connections with friends and family help develop your character. It was great to get such high engagement from the audience at the RMA conference, and I’m sure that the energy carried through for the rest of the event and well beyond.

I also challenged everybody in attendance to cross a big item off of their bucket list in the next 12 months. Hopefully some people have already said ‘Yes’ and decided to create that experience they’ve been dreaming of. The one thing that we all have in common in this life is that it can be taken from us at any time, so we need to take advantage of the time we have and live the Bucket List Life.

It was a pleasure for me to get to know those of you who shared publicly at the event and those who I talked to individually. Working with the RMA leadership team was a fantastic experience, and I really wish that all of the events I give keynote speeches at could run so smoothly and wonderfully.

As a inspirational speaker based in Colorado, I wanted to represent the Centennial State well and help make this a great event for everybody who attended from throughout the region. I’m glad that it was such a success, and I look forward to future opportunities to work with RMA and their members!


I had the opportunity to see Kenyon a couple years ago at a K12 conference here in Colorado, up in Breckenridge, and was really impressed with his message and his ability to motivate people which is why I specifically recommended him for this conference.

Since we’re hosting our conference in the Mile High City, we came up with “Mile High Motivation” as the theme of the conference, and I thought it was a great opportunity for Kenyon to share his story. Not only due to the fact that he jumps into Mile High Stadium as a skydiver, but also because he’s very motivational and inspirational, which is really the second part of the theme of our conference. Kenyon also has the ability to motivate and inspire people, both personally and professionally. I thought it would be a great fit for this conference.

He did an awesome job. What I like about his presentation is that it spans the generations, and it crosses over almost every boundary.

I think anyone can understand and relate to his message so I would recommend Kenyon to any organization. I think he would be a great addition to any conference.

Dan Gacnik

Business Development Manager, McKinstry

Kenyon’s keynote was absolutely phenomenal. The hardest thing to do when you have a big crowd is to keep them interested and he had everybody engaged. I’ve heard nothing but great comments from attendees who have talked to me about his presentation. People were truly thanking me for bringing him in to speak.

I would absolutely recommend Kenyon. You can’t beat the energy. When you have an event as large as ours, especially when it’s the first thing in the morning., it can be hard to get things going, but Kenyon was able to bring the energy out of them which had them ready for the rest of the day.

Luis Rocha

President, Rocky Mountain APPA

Today we saw Kenyon Salo, and he was a little bit different than most of the keynote speakers that I’ve seen. Kenyon comes out with great energy. You can tell he enjoys what he does and that connecting with the audience is important to him.

One thing I liked is how he makes you connect with the people around you a lot better. This is a networking event so I thought that was really awesome.

I would definitely recommend Kenyon!

Bryan Prust

Regional Manager, Nilfisk-Advance

Kenyon Salo is, by far, the best speaker that I’ve personally seen at one of these conferences.

He was actually referred to me by a fellow peer on our planning committee who was just blown away at the passion and the energy and the message that Kenyon delivered at another conference. Within 90 seconds of that initial phone conversation, Kenyon had me hooked and I was onboard, and I was pushing to get him as fast as possible.

I was even more impressed in person with what I saw than in the videos, and what I had spoken to him about on the phone. It’s just really inspirational, and it’s truly amazing how he’s able to get across his message of helping others and being more fulfilled throughout your life by doing that.

Kenyon’s energy was amazing. It was almost unmatchable. His presence on stage just inspired people to get engaged in the presentation. His energy and passion just radiates off the stage.

I would 100% recommend Kenyon to any event. He can tailor his presentation to fit anything.

Jay Campbell

Executive Director of Facilities, CU Anschutz

Kenyon was amazing. Very motivational. I cried, I laughed. It was fantastic.

We wanted to have someone on our first day of the conference who would really get people going and he did exactly what we wanted – He got everyone up, talking to each other, just everything that we asked for.

His energy is top-notch, and it’s contagious. I would absolutely recommend Kenyon! 110%!

Anna Welscott

Director of Business Administration of Operations, Colorado School of Mines

I’m the committee chair, and as we were sitting in one of our very first meetings, I told everyone, “The most important thing for me is the wow factor for our audience.” They went out and chose Kenyon and he far exceeded the wow factor. It was fantastic!

I would definitely recommend Kenyon to other events!

Layna Johnson

Committee Host Chair, Rocky Mountain APPA

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