Moët Hennessy Distributor Holiday Show 2017

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

Moët Hennessy holds a holiday conference every fall to get all of their distributors fired up as they enter their busiest quarter of the year. I was invited to give the best motivational sales training possible at their distribution headquarters, Breakthru Beverage, in Stapleton, Colorado so that their teams finish off the year on a high note!

The purpose of this keynote was to provide a different perspective on a winning sales mindset by focusing on the needs of the customer first opposed to their sales goals! I learned the secrets of sales during my time as the best car salesman in my dealership.

We dove into the true power beneath cultivating meaningful interactions with clients and asking the right questions to let sales happen organically. I encouraged them to remember that people don’t buy your products – they buy your story and it’s equally important to learn the client’s story to figure out how you can help.

The attendees were a ton of fun and I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to help inspire and prepare them through their time of need!


We kick off our sales show for October, November, December, which is our largest selling months of the year, to get everybody excited about going out there and doing their best to sell our products.

The sales industry is all about relationships and being as genuine as you can and bringing yourself to those who you’re selling to. Kenyon seemed like a perfect fit to inspire us during times when we really need it most, to get out there and do our best.

I was brought to tears a couple times because of how he really makes you feel. He makes you realize that your everyday can be so much more than it actually is, and it’s right there in front of you. I think he did an extraordinary job.

We had three people come up for their spouses that work somewhere else and everything and ask how we found him, how they could contact him. He is magnificent in what he does.

Melanie Gramlich

Market Manager, Moët Hennessy

He came highly recommended. We watched some things that he did at other events like we were having tonight and were inspired ourselves, so we wanted to bring it to everyone that we work with here. It was the best… We love him!
Tricia Thompson

On Premise Manager, Moët Hennessy

Riveting. Very motivational, very inspirational. His talk had everyone really excited and engaged. My most powerful takeaway was helping others will ultimately help us get the job done.
Peter Rotondo

Division Manager-Off Premise, Breakthru Beverage

Kenyon was awesome. I really liked how he engaged the group. He got everybody up and moving out of their comfort zones, and really brought out things that we didn’t know about one another.

The powerful takeaway I think, for me, was just putting it into three steps, and simplifying it down to how to connect with people, how to know what you’re needing out of life, and the power of helping other people.

I think it’s hugely valuable. My wife actually searches for speakers in her job, and I think I’m going to be suggesting that she look into him.

Wes Doyle

Director of Trade Development, Breakthru Beverage

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