KFSA Directors And Management Meeting 2017

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

KFSA Insurance Agency asked me to deliver an inspirational keynote at their regional Directors and Management Meeting in Wichita, Kansas.

The event organizer, Diana Nelson, wanted her attendees to think about what’s truly important to them and how they can find greater fulfillment in their everyday lives. She resonated with my videos she saw online and felt that a powerful message about how to live a Bucket List Life would be the best keynote opportunity for her guests.

I took the audience on a journey through the three simple steps that can positively change their lives forever. KFSA represents large farming operations and I made it a point to tailor my keynote in a way that highlights the incredible service the agricultural industry provides in our society. I shared what my take on legacy is and how through helping others, we can have everything we desire in this life.

It was a truly incredible day and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to positively impact so many wonderful people that make a huge difference in the well-being of communities all over the country!


I was looking for a speaker, a final speaker that was going to really leave our members inspired and motivated to make some changes in their life, think about their bucket lists, and I ran across Kenyon’s website and watched his videos and I was sold.

He did fantastic. I think he left people thinking about things. He got us all up and talking to each other. Everybody was sharing their bucket lists and different things about themselves. It was just a very interactive and fantastic presentation. I loved getting to know people that I didn’t know. I thought that was fantastic and I loved that opportunity.

I would absolutely recommend Kenyon. I think he delivered exactly what he said he was going to do and he was so easy to work with. I just didn’t have any issues. We had some things that we needed to adjust schedules. He was just always professional and did everything that I needed him to do. I absolutely would recommend him.

Diana Nelson

Member Relationship Manager, KFSA Insurance Agency

We wanted some life skills, not just the business skills, but something that maybe we’d cross over on both sides. We wanted leadership and how to challenge ourselves to get out of the box a little bit.

It’s fantastic. It’s a very emotional thing. If you think about living that bucket list life and living more fulfilled, I think that’s something that applies and is a challenge for all of us and not just business-wise, but more importantly in our personal lives and with our families.

150,000% I would recommend Kenyon. It’s a nice mix of some fun and some light humor, as well the difficult things or the most intense things about life. So absolutely, I would recommend Kenyon.

Mitch Williams

CEO, KFSA Insurance Agency

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the speaker, and his ability to touch people the way he does.

You should live every day like your bucket list. I would recommend him highly.

Randy Ellwood

Director, MKC

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