Jefferson County School District Food And Nutrition Training 2017

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Speaking Recap, Students And Educators Speaking

The Jefferson County School District invited me to present a motivational customer service keynote for their 2017 Food and Nutrition Training event at the West Bowles Community Church in Littleton, Colorado.

The goal of my presentation was to help nutrition staff connect on a deeper level with their students and get them fired up for the new school year!

We focused on the power behind asking the right questions and putting the needs of the customers first to create amazing customer service experiences. It was truly an incredible day spent with extraordinary people who do a great job of keeping kids all over Jefferson County healthy and happy.

As always, I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to motivate such a wonderful group of people and share the three simple steps from The Bucket List Life that can help anyone live a more fulfilled life!


I love personal development. I’ve seen lots of the motivational speeches that has the feel-good punchline, and yet Kenyon keeps people kind of guessing and makes it real. He makes sure people don’t just simply listen, capture one motivational quote and go home and put it on shelf. He has them actually live that and be engaged with others. And take those principles that he’s sharing and really apply it in their own lives in the room. I was moved – literally choked up at times and then laughing my butt off at others because of the energy that he brings to the room. He gets people on their feet, out of their comfort zone, interacting with new people they may have never known before. And then, having them leave feeling like they have new friends. So it was extraordinary.

I would absolutely recommend seeing Kenyon Salo live. He’s not only a great entertainer but he’s a connector. He knows and reads people and knows how to really bring people together so that they leave different than the person that they came in as.

Andrew Fraser

Founder, Kaizen Men

I would definitely recommend Kenyon. He’s engaging, he gives new perspective, and he helps engage the crowd. I would say he makes the audience work harder. He actually makes them do what he says and most speakers just talk and they don’t really have the active portion and so I think that’s really important to do and so I definitely recommend him.
Christina Chisler

Registered Dietitian, Jeffco Public Schools

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