Fusion Business Conference 2017

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

I was invited to Bowman, North Dakota by the Bowman County Development Corporation to speak at the first ever FUSION Business Conference. It was an amazing event to be a part of and team running the show was extraordinary!

I was requested to deliver a dynamic inspirational and motivational opening keynote to kick off the event with a bang! The organizers wanted to bring this event to their community because they felt that personal development is an underserved aspect of their local region.

The purpose of the conference was to help the attendees grow, both personally and professionally, as well as unite the community to help each other thrive.

For my keynote, I provided simple, effective tools that can help the attendees break through their comfort zones to find the growth necessary to fulfill leadership roles for their respective communities. I also drove home the importance of helping one another to build a strong, unified community. I truly believe that when we help others first, everything we desire comes back tenfold.

In addition to my keynote, I played the role of emcee to keep people fire up throughout the day and facilitated various features of the event. It was a pleasure to work alongside other great speakers such as Greg Tehven and Eric Piela. Overall, it was an amazing day filled with a great group of people and massive amounts of personal growth!


I’ve actually had the opportunity to see Kenyon before, and he really inspired me to get out and do things outside my comfort zone, and to really go after my goals. I wanted to bring that here and really encourage people and give them that personal development piece.

I would recommend Kenyon to anybody. I saw him once before and you can’t get enough of him. He’s truly an amazing speaker.

Teran Doerr

Executive Director, Bowman County Development Corporation

We’ve got Kenyon Salo here to emcee and keynote for the day. Very excited to have him as an overall experience for the day. I think that was key in order to create a cohesive program – We wanted somebody that could really tie it all together and bring lots of energy and excitement.

I think it’s really powerful when he speaks to the effect of thinking a little bit about what you want and going for it, as well as not spending all the time on the “you” but giving. Giving is really, truly what makes this world go round. We need more of that thinking – more about how we can help others.

Kenyon has been dynamite, not only in the planning process, but he is very much here to help us through the process, ready to make sure that your event is up and ready, and going, and exactly what you want it to be. I would definitely recommend him.

Laura Weber

Business Assistant, Bowman County Development Corporation

Oh, he was so inspiring and definitely resonated with me and some of my experiences as a leader. His ladder story just hit home with me so much. It really touched my heart.

I’d absolutely recommend him. I can’t wait to tell my daughter, who lives in Denver, she needs to look up Kenyon and see where he’s speaking, and follow him!

Lyn James

President, Bowman City Commission

Honestly, he rekindled the fire in me that has been dormant for quite some time. The most exciting thing about Kenyon not only was his energy, but about how he inspired me to want to go and give back to my community, and do greater good for everyone around me. He’s just very, very inspirational.

My most powerful takeaway was when he talked about the bucket list, and the fact that we shouldn’t wait beyond a year to complete that. It made me realize that some of the things that I’ve dreamed about doing, I’ve waited way too long to begin to attack those. We’re going to go back and get after that right away.

I would not only recommend seeing him, but I will see him again wherever I can.

Shawn Wiseman

Loan Officer, Bank of Baker

We brought in Kenyon Salo and he was awesome. He did a great job on the emcee side. The vision that he has, the inspiration, the message that he provided, fit our conference to a T and he did just a great job of tying it all together.

We have so many naysayers that don’t want to step outside of that comfort level and just want to stay within their confinement within the box that they’re comfortable. Kenyon challenges you to step outside of your comfort level and really inspires you to want to do that.

He was tremendous. Just a natural, the way he get the crowd motivated … keep the energy throughout the room … just move the conference along … So he’s awesome. He was tremendous.

Duane Bowman

Executive Vice President, Dakota Western Bank

Amazing! I feel like I want to go start a million things and go inspire other people and do crazy things. It’s awesome. He’s fun, uplifting. He keeps the crowd going, keeps them alert, awake. He’s so much fun! I would recommend him 100%!
Aurora Keppler

Tourism Assistant, Bowman County Development Corporation

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