FIMC Tech Summit 2018 Recap

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker for Nicole Rueth of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation which lead to the opportunity to speak at FIMC’s first Technological Summit in Colorado! I love being able to speak for different audiences within a single company because that relationship allows me to provide greater customization and a deeper connection with the room so that I can deliver the best keynote presentation possible.

Technology can be overwhelming and in today’s world, you have to be able to accept change quickly. In my keynote, I always acknowledge the fact that we’re more connected than ever but we’re also more lonely than ever; this is why technology should be used intentionally to enhance our relationships and make our lives easier instead of the other way around. For this keynote, I wanted to empower the audience to embrace everything that would be discussed in the conference by talking about how to overcome fear and cope with change.

I shared that if you want to make anything happen in your life, you have to say “yes” first and the how will figure itself out. It’s truly amazing how it works out every single time. Then we talked about the power of sharing stories and how it connects all of us. With the advent of new technologies, it allows for us to share stories and ideas in novel ways which can actually help us facilitate more meaningful interactions online. Lastly, I disclosed the secret to live more fulfilled which is helping others first.

Technology used in the workplace should make our lives easier and ultimately, allow us to better help our customers. If we approach embracing these new tools as a means to better serve clients, it leads to more fulfillment in our work and eases the transition of learning new things.

I’m extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to speak to such a wonderful group of people and I look forward to future opportunities to work with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation!


We brought the one and only Kenyon, and we’re so happy to have him at our event! He was amazing. He talked about making sure you live your life to the fullest and to really enjoy every aspect of living – to not get so caught up in just the day-to-day but to really understand that we are here for a very short period of time and to embrace everything that life has to offer.

The most powerful takeaway for me was to not fear but to step out in faith and to try things that I have on my bucket list that I haven’t done yet, and to just take one—maybe just one—in the next 90 days and to do it.

He talked so much about embracing new things that you’re scared of, and so technology for many people, especially today in the mortgage industry, you’ve got to embrace it—there’s so much that’s going on with technology—and not to be fearful of it, but just to embrace it. That’s what I want my attendees to take away from today’s Technological Summit.

I would absolutely recommend, Kenyon! He was exciting, fast-paced, really fun, funny, and a simple message that was perfect for today.

Sarah Middleton

President of Production, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Our keynote was Kenyon Salo, he opened up our day-to-day. Remarkable, remarkable speaker.

What I loved was the enthusiasm, but also the ability to take pauses as well. He brought this beautiful motion and the enthusiasm was interspersed also with pauses, so we had time as listeners in the audience to reflect upon the things that he brought to us.

The most powerful take-away was the fact that Kenyon challenged us to not be people of inaction but he wanted to move us into action. Taking this life and living out the dreams and the visions that we have and not being complacent about that.

We’re at a tech summit and Kenyon reminded us that technology is awesome, but not to lose the personal touch that we’re still … we still need to relate with each other, but it’s not to get lost and to hide and be lonely in technology, but to use it. Be a more effective connector with those that we work with and the ones that we love when we go home at night as well.

Kenyon is remarkable. I highly recommend that you would talk to him and engage him with the next opportunity that you need for a keynote speaker. Kenyon brings a unique perspective through his own life experiences, his own getting out of his own skin, if you will, and being uncomfortable. What happens is that all of the audience is drawn into it and we leave not with things of inaction, but every single person will leave with a challenge to be a person of action and to engage themselves to serve others in this world.

Ray Eickhoff

National Trainer and Facilitator, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

His presentation was absolutely life changing. I don’t even live here. I traveled from Omaha to come here and to have him speak this morning, well, I could put it on my bucket list if I knew it was there.

We are at a technology summit so it was really nice that Kenyon started it off because we’re gonna be listening to boring IT stuff. We’re really excited that he was able to come today and it was really neat. All of us really needed to hear it.

His energy was contagious. I love that he got everybody engaged. I love the way that he got us all in the audience, no matter what our personality styles were, to connect with each other, high five each other. And it’s early in the morning and mortgages are really stressful so to get all of us smiling and connecting with each other it was really cool. It was really cool.

I would absolutely recommend, Kenyon!

Stephanie Boyes

Branch Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

I just finished listening to Kenyon Salo speak and I loved it, absolutely loved it! I took away a couple things that I’m definitely gonna do differently because of today.

The most powerful takeaway for me is to help others more – I do a lot already but not enough, and we’re already, as a branch, planning an outing because of the meeting today where we’re gonna go and help others.

I’ve heard great things about Kenyon and I was finally was able to see him. He was absolutely fantastic, very inspiring.

Without question, 100% I would highly recommend him.

Dana Smith

Branch Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

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