DCI Annual Bankers Conference 2018 Recap

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In September I was invited to be a keynote speaker for the 2018 DCI Annual Bankers Conference at the Overland Park Sheraton & Convention Center in Kansas City. As the first speaker of the event, I wanted to kick things off with lots of positive energy and inspiration that would carry through for the days to come.

I had a good feeling that this was going to be an awesome event before even getting on stage with the microphone in my hand. Working with the event organizers was amazing from start to finish, and the venue and stage setup turned out to be beautiful as well.

My intuition was right, and I found that the audience was open and ready to engage with each other and with me from the very beginning. That allowed us to have a lot of fun throughout my keynote speech, and it made the partner shares and group shares particularly positive because I was able to see new connections taking place and to feel the strength of community that exists with all of the DCI members.

One thing that was obvious to me from my experience at the conference is that everybody in the DCI network has a focus on ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. I truly believe that the path to fulfillment in life begins with helping out our fellow human beings, and that’s something that I could tell resonated strongly with this audience. It’s clear that DCI really cares about helping their members, just as the members care about helping their customers.

There’s no doubt that having a positive approach to service makes a difference in our communities. Especially with banking, there’s a high chance that somebody who needs to go into a bank is dealing with some stress. To know that there are people there who actually care about helping their customers can make all the difference in the world. Having that personal relationship with the people in your community and the desire to help is what transforms work into something fulfilling.

I really appreciate the opportunity to speak in front of such a great audience and to share my story and energy with everybody who attended the conference. Thanks to DCI and all the members who participated, you played at 100% and we had a lot of fun!


I got to see Kenyon Salo today and his presentation was wonderful. Very inspiring.

He had a great message that we all need to think about every day about doing well by doing good. We can all be a force for good, and we’re not only changing our lives, but others around us. Whether it’s in our communities or our own lives, even something as simple as just thanking somebody or telling them they look nice can go a long way.

He also talked about giving back which is important. I work for MasterCard and our company wants us to do well by doing good, and they actually give us five volunteer days to go out and support a charity that we care about. So for me, I’m a treasurer for a nonprofit veteran group and it’s great that I can go out and support the things that I care about. Overall, it was a good reminder and I’m ready to go back home and start doing more!


I would love for him to come to MasterCard to speak to all of us because he had a great energy and great message that not only resonates for work, but for our personal lives too.

Loretta Ryan

Director, Mastercard

Kenyon really knocked it out of the park. Bringing him in for our event was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in 19 years of working with keynote speakers.

He brought a lot of energy and inspiration to our conference and he really touched on what it means to be connected with each other. The thing that we always want to reinforce with our customers is that we’re in this together and only by working together and having that connection, can we be successful. Kenyon really delivered that message well and he brought a lot of energy, and man, a lot of fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen our people have so much fun at a keynote address the way they did with Kenyon on stage.

One of the most powerful takeaways from his keynote is that you’ve only got today, so make the most out of what you have right now because you don’t know what’s coming tomorrow. The other thing he reminded us of is to always help other people because that’s where you’re going to get the return.

I would absolutely recommend him to any event. If you are a meeting planner you’d be crazy not to hire Kenyon Salo. He will do the job for you and it’ll be the best you’ve ever had. I guarantee it.

Mark Harris

Vice President of Marketing, Data Center Inc.

This morning we got to see Kenyon Salo give a presentation to our group. We had about 200 people here, and we had him as the first speaker in the morning. It was our desire to create a lot of energy in the room, and he definitely delivered on that. He’s a speaker that’s very dynamic and highly engaging. He had people on their feet right away, 100% participation in the room that set a great level of energy that I know is going to carry us through the next day and a half of our conference.

For me, the most powerful part of his keynote was the way he had people interacting with each other, developing trust, communicating with each other, and building a very strong cohesiveness in the room. It was a great way to start our conference.

Kenyon is different from other speakers that I’ve seen in the past because he has a different level of energy and connection with the crowd. You often see speakers that have a lot of energy, but they don’t necessarily make those connections within the audience. He was able to bring people together and build an energy level in the room that I know is going to be sustainable throughout our conference.

I would highly recommend Kenyon for events. If you’re going to have a group event, whether it’s 50 people or 1,000 people, he’s the kind of speaker that you can bring in that will build a tremendous amount of energy that you can carry forward through your conference. If it’s a group that you’re trying to get together that has a common interest, such as your employees, he’s going to find ways to unify people and build your team that will bring energy that will carry through the conference.

Jeffrey K. Ball

President & CEO, Friendly Hills Bank

His presentation was very thought provoking. He made me think about my daughters and he made me think about what I could do to give to others. The ripple that we can make not only for ourselves but for the people that we’re interacting with. On top of that, his energy was off the charts.

I would recommend Kenyon in a heartbeat.

Jay Lyons

Regional Sales Manager, Data Center Inc.

Kenyon was awesome. I like the fact that he broke his keynote down into three parts. It made it very easy to understand and absorb all of the points. What especially resonated with me was how he talked about giving back is the key to living a life fulfilled. I want to be able to give back to my community in any special and/or little way that I can, so it can make an impact in somebody else’s life. He had a great energy and it was the perfect way to kick off our conference.

I would absolutely recommend Kenyon. 100%.

Mike Bunda

Vice President of Banking Business Development, Reliable IT

I thought Kenyon was absolutely superb. His presentation hit the mark. The audience responded very well and his energy was awesome. He was very enthusiastic in the way that he presented to the audience. I would definitely recommend him.
James Bauchum

Vice President of Sales, Rep Propeller Speakers Bureau

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