18th Annual CIAA Member Meeting Recap

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Corporate Speaking, Speaking Recap

While I’ve enjoyed every room that I’ve had the opportunity to speak in front of, the energy of Continental Insurance Agency Alliance’s 18th Annual Member Meeting was truly special! From the moment I walked into the room at the Hilton Denver Inverness, I could tell this was going to be a great day.

As with all of my engagements, I always strive to deliver the best keynote presentation possible in a way that’s uniquely tailored to the audience and event in which I’m speaking to. For this amazing group, I was instructed to deliver a performance that was both motivating and engaging; after seeing the audience in person prior to walking on stage, I also decided I wanted to approach the room with a lot of energy, humor, and fun.

Overall, there was a lot of laughter, smiles, aha moments, and even some tears. Being that the room consisted of insurance professionals who understand firsthand how things can happen when we least expect it, one of the more powerful takeaways that came up for people this time around is how precious and short life truly is. When I challenged the room to cross off one of their big bucket list items in the next 12 months, there was an enormous amount of pushback but I think that it really sunk in that tomorrow is never promised so it’s important for us to live now.

Attitude is everything and I believe that because both the people in the room as well myself were open to enjoying the whole experience, it set everyone up to have a great time! I was blown away by how everyone in the audience was so willing to play at 100% from the very start which made it such an enjoyable experience for everyone.

I’ve spoken for many events all around the country throughout my 20+ year career and I can speak from complete authenticity when I say that CIAA’s Member Meeting was one of the best audiences I’ve ever come across! I’m absolutely grateful for having had the opportunity to speak in front of such an incredible group and I appreciate The Travelers Company for being the keynote sponsor which made it possible to bring me to this amazing event!


We brought in Kenyon Salo for our annual meeting and he did a fantastic job for us. Very exciting, very pumped up… all positive, smiles and high-fives around. The energy from the crowd was fantastic, so it went very well.

Kenyon’s fantastic. His presentation was a home run for us, and I would definitely recommend Kenyon to any group. It was fantastic!

Tim Carlson

Regional Vice President and General Manager, Continental Insurance Agency Alliance

Kenyon is high-energy and it’s contagious. It’s not overwhelming in any sense, but he brings you right alongside with him.

I’m definitely inspired to just kind of get out more and do the things that come into my mind instead of putting ’em off for another day.

I think Kenyon can inspire any type of group. If he can get insurance agents out of their seats and jumping around, he can probably get anybody out of their seats and inspired to grow personally and professionally. Also, the mix of video, song, and just the quality of the overall process, his overall presentation, was really good, really high-quality. I would absolutely recommend him!

Ryan Bolitho

IT, Continental Insurance Agency Alliance

I think the one thing that really kind of emphasized why we brought him on is the fact that he is so infectious and he is so motivating. Kenyon made us uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing. What we wanted the most was for the speech to have some type of impact and Kenyon delivered that. I would definitely recommend him to other events!

Leslie Calkins

Administrative Support Assistant, Continental Insurance Agency Alliance

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