Arvada West High School Speaking Recap

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Speaking Recap, Students And Educators Speaking

One of the greatest parts about living a Bucket List Life is that you’re never too young or too old to start! Each day is a new opportunity to take action towards creating more experiences, connecting more deeply with others through sharing stories, and living more fulfilled through helping others. The simplicity of these three principles allows for an open framework for building a dream life that offers itself to people of any age or background!

At a young age, I had to leave the traditional path in order to actualize many of my dreams. I didn’t know how I was going to do it or have anybody that could guide me at first but I knew if I stayed true to myself, everything would work out. It’s for this very reason that I have a strong desire to help educators and students alike by sharing my message so that the future generation has tools to achieve their full potential while using their gifts to make the world a better place.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing my inspirational keynote with Arvada West High School’s Senior Class during an event that was created to help students transition into the next chapter of life. I love events like these because it provides an opportunity to truly make an impact on kids during a very confusing time in their and regardless of the path they choose, the three principles of the Bucket List Life can dramatically help them navigate new waters.

Arvada West High School’s Assistant Principal and Activities Director, Shawn Collins, brought me in because he wanted something special for his seniors and it proved to be a powerful experience for everyone. It was a morning filled with excitement, connection, possibility, and reflection. The students were extremely attentive and well-behaved which allowed for everyone to get the most out of the presentation.

During my talk, there were several interruptions throughout which included the fire alarm going off resulting in a temporary school evacuation! I always say that “whatever happens is perfect” and it’s crucial to not be attached to any outcome. I used these minor delays as to teach a lesson on the importance of living in the moment and to just flow with whatever life might throw at you.

I’m thankful for Arvada West for bringing me in to interact with their amazing students and I look forward to helping more educational institutions in both my local community as well as around the world!


He asked us to move around a lot and tell people what was on our bucket list. For me that’s traveling somewhere, and he said, “Is this something that you can do in the next year?” And I thought about it, “Yeah, I guess it is something that I can do in the next year.” I think the timing of this was perfect – it just really hit me today with what he was saying, if it’s something you wanna do, just go for it.

He used the ladder to say, “Here’s where we are if you have something that you desire and if your environment is taking away from that, you need to follow what you want to do.” So that was just really impactful for me, especially where I’m at right now in life.

If you wanna go to college, go for it. If you wanna go to work, find something that will make you happy. If you wanna travel, go for it. So it was just very, very impactful for me, and I’m sure it touched a lot of other people.


Senior, Arvada West High School

We held a senior transition event and invited Kenyon Salo to come out and talk to our seniors about branching out in their lives and what’s next after high school – really trying to make the most out of what they’re doing as they move forward.

For me, what resonated was his message about reaching out and helping other people, and really trying to take on a bigger part of your life as far as making other people’s lives better. That’s something that we talk about with our senior classes, and all of our classes at Arvada West High School a lot. So it was really a great fit for us to be able to have that.

He also talked about going outside of your comfort zone and doing those things that you’ve always dreamed about doing without thinking about, “Oh my gosh, how are we going to pull all of this out, all of this together?” Just go out and do it. And help others in the process – go out and open up a door for somebody, or go help feed somebody, or go read a book to an elementary school student, or something like that.

It was top-notch. It was something that my entire senior class was highly, highly engaged in. They loved it. When we had our small, little break, they were super excited to be able to get back into the auditorium and be able to participate because he’s such an engaging speaker.

I think that the message that he has isn’t just for adults or for kids. It’s for all generations of people on how to live their life. I would absolutely recommend Kenyon to anybody.

Shawn Collins

Assistant Principal & Activities Director, Arvada West High School

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